Injuries from Gaming Prevention & Rehabilitation

Pain from Gaming is no joke, Don’t ignore it!

Carpal Tunnel gaming problems and Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) can no longer be a problem with Powerball. Long sessions using controllers and the repetitive movements involved results in poor hand, finger, wrist and elbow health. Find out why Powerball has benefited over 4 million people & comes recommended by physiotherapists and doctors. Powerball is body Armour for your upper limbs.

Carpal Tunnel Gaming or Tendonitis?

Carpal Tunnel gaming issues are becoming more and more of a problem. Gaming puts stress on ligaments, nerves, and tendons in the upper limbs causing muscle and tendon damage. The overuse of gaming controllers virtually guarantees a visit from tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome at some point in your playing career.

Common RSI symptoms from Gaming can include…

  1. Tingling and swelling in the fingers
  2. Fatigue & strength loss in the hands
  3. Burning pains in the wrists and elbows – most arising out of overused, inflamed tendons & fascia

How Powerball soothes and relieves RSIs?

Powerball’s isometric non-impact exercise is the perfect antidote to inflamed tendons, joints & muscles affected by RSIs. The unique isometric exercise from Powerball can loosen and strengthen all the major muscle groups in the upper limbs. Powerball increases blood flow sending repairing nutrients to scarred tissue while also stimulating synovial fluid production which lubricates joints allowing flexibility and mobility.

Physio Designed Rehabilitation Programmes

Find the specific programme for your need on this page.

9 Reasons why Powerball?

  • Cures & protects against RSIs
  • Warm up & down before Gaming
  • Strengthens/stretches muscles & tendons
  • Increases joint flexibility
  • Repairs scarred tissues
  • Increases Blood Flow
  • Non-impact – Isometric resistance exercise
  • Physio designed rehab exercises
  • Physio designed  rehab programmes


Physio Approved. Customer Tested.

  • Approved by physios and Chiropractors
  • Fun to use
  • 1000’s of five-star reviews
  • Over 4 million sold worldwide



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Recommended Equipment

Choose the powerful, handheld gyroscopic hand exerciser that’s right for you.

  • 280 Classic Cord-Start, Drop Resistant, 18,000rpm

  • Autostart Classic Auto-Start, Drop Resistant, 18,000rpm

  • Autostart Pro Fusion Auto-Start, Multi Colour Rotor LEDs, Speed Meter, Drop Resistant, 18,000rpm

Watch Exercises

Practice these short, physio-designed rehabilitation and strengthening exercises.